Having one of the Best Aesthetic Clinic in JB perform Pigmentation Removal Laser on my Sensitive Skin – Finally can kiss goodbye to my stubborn pigmentation.

For a girl whose skin is often sensitive and red, it's a real headache to have pigmentation on my face. It is often difficult to do pigments removal treatments and avoid provoking my sensitivity at the same time. However under the care of Beau & Hans Aesthetic Clinic, and after 6 rounds of Lutronic NdYAG... Continue Reading →

Looking For Affordable Laser Treatment to Remove Pigmentation in Singapore? Why Not Spent the Same amount of Money for Better Medical Aesthetic in JB?

I was looking for the most affordable aesthetic clinic in Singapore to do my pigmentation laser, and I soon found out that cheaper prices will come with subpar laser treatment or having beauticians deal with my treatment instead of certified doctors. But with the same amount of money, I surprisingly could afford the best skin... Continue Reading →

Nose Augmentation by Thread at Johor Bahru

Hey guys, I am going to share my experience with Nose Thread Augmentation at Beau&Hans Aesthetic Clinic Johor Bahru. So, why Nose Augmentation? Well that’s because I think I look better in pictures and my general face structure is better if I have a higher nose bridge. I don't really have an ideal nose shape... Continue Reading →

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