Fotona Skin Tightening Laser: The Early Prevent for Ageing and Sagging Skin

Visiting Beau&Hans Aesthetic Clinic today in Johor Bahru for my Fotona Skin Tightening Laser.

I personally believe that anti-aging measures should be taken from an earlier age in order to have more naturally preserved skin. Therefore, in addition to adequate moisturizer and sunblock, I also tried some of the anti-aging aesthetic procedures such as Botox injection for reducing my wrinkles, Thermage for skin lifting etc. In the end, I decided to visit Beau & Hans Clinic on a regular basis to do Fotona Skin Tightening Lasers as my maintenance treatment to keep my skin naturally youthful.


Looking for Long Term Solution to prevent my aging skin

I already accept the fact that my skin’s collagen will continue to degrade as I become older, that is why I want to start anti-aging intervention as a preventive measure. When I first visited this clinic, the doctor really paid attention to my concerns and analyzed my skin properly. She then explained to me the common aging process of the face that would happen with time, after listening to that, we discuss a treatment plan together for my possible anti-aging treatment at different stages as I become older. As of right now, the doctor only suggested to do Fotona Skin Tightening Laser to boost my collagenesis – which is to form new collagen. She mentioned that other treatment for now would be abit too much, and I am glad that she was very honest with me.


Regular treatment with Fotona not only helps to boost new collagen production for my skin, but it also helps keep my facial contour tight and firm all the time. Hence, it can prevent aging and sagging skin especially around my jawline region.


My experience with Fotona Face Tightening Laser

I remember when I first signed up for the Fotona Face Tightening Laser, I was very excited and anxious. However, the doctor reassured me that it is not painful, but rather a warm sensation only as she performed the procedure. Turned out she was right, the entire laser process took about 15 minutes to complete and I can totally withstand the warm sensation throughout the procedure.

What’s more is that Fotona Tightening Laser that the doctor performed on me is actually very gentle and does not require any special post treatment care, so it is very convenient for me to take care of my skin after each laser session. As for the downtime my face was slightly red immediately after the procedure but it only lasted for a day.


What was the outcome for Fotona Face Tightening Laser?

Usually right after the procedure my facial contour will become well define and my face feels tight. Collagen will start to produce within a month’s time and will continue up to six months. Hence, it is the perfect maintenance procedure to boost collagen growth in order to get tighter, firmer skin.


My personal thought for anti-aging prevention:

Many people tend to be quite skeptical before opting to undergo aesthetic treatments. I had many concerns too at the beginning, because I was afraid of the pain or long term side effects. But here at Beau & Hans, I totally trust my doctor because they really pay attention to my concerns, they provide many options and openly discuss the pros and cons of each with me, thus I have more confidence when choosing a procedure best suited to my needs. The team’s professional and caring approach definitely makes you feel more at ease with the treatment they provide.



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