GOODBYE FRECKLES, Treated with Lutronic Laser at Beau&Hans Johor Bahru

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Hey there, I am sharing my freckles treatment story, I hope my experience can help those who have similar problems.

Since young, as long as I could remember, I have had freckles all over my face, more so over my cheekbones areas.

I have always wanted to get rid of them but at the same time I was also very scared of all the probable side effect that could happen if I wrongly choose a skin treatment center. I was worried that my skin might become thinner and more sensitive after the treatment, or if my freckles will become worsen instead, or if all of them might come back when I stop the treatment or get exposed to the sun on a trip to the seaside.

Hence, I kept delaying treating them. Instead, I covered these freckles up using my makeup and concealers, until a point of time now that they could no longer be concealed with makeup anymore. My desperation grew as my situation got worst, one day I just ended up on Google Search, hoping to find the best options to treat my freckles. In the end, I decided to get my first medical consultation from a registered doctor at Beau & Hans Clinic.

“Getting help from professional skin experts not only helped clear my doubts but also clarified all those myth I read from the internet, giving me more confidence regarding my treatment.”

Upon my first visit, my doctor in charged patiently listened to my concerns, she examined my face thoroughly also while explaining to me in details about my skin condition, she outlined the types of treatment I can do to improve my skin, suggesting Lutronic Laser to treat my freckles. She reassured me further by discussing more about the laser treatment and its downtime, slowly explaining to me how the laser work, what could and what would not happen with this treatment. She pointed out to me that because my skin was slightly thinner, she would recommend monthly treatment for about 2-3 times for safe and better results.

My doctor spent a lot of time to clarify each and every doubt I had, and reassured me off all my worries regarding lasers. I started to realize that a lot of information floating around the web or told to me by others are merely myths, and that my skin can actually become stronger after laser treatments provided I take care of my skin after the treatment with simple skincare regime.

Furthermore, I found out that laser can actually improve my skin by stimulating NEW collagen to form! It also helps to brighten up as well as even out my dull skin tone.

Let’s get it started!

my decision for lutronic laser
Finally, i made my mind to give this laser a try!

After my first consultation with my doctor, I was totally bought over that I decided to wait no more and agreed to do my first Ruvy Laser with Lutronic XT Q-switch laser treatment on the spot!

hmmmm… how should I describe my experience with my laser treatment?

For one thing, at least it was relatively fast, the same doctor was with me throughout the whole treatment, she started off by giving me a few “test shot” at the side of my face so I can get used to the sensation before performing the whole treatment everywhere, this was done mainly just to get rid of my anxiety and honestly, it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

My face was first treated with Lutronic XT Laser using a Q-switch mode to brighten and even out my skin tone. I would describe this feeling as a warm prickly sensation all over my face. This lasted for a while, and as my doctor became satisfied with her work, she then changed the settings to Ruvy mode to start my Ruvy treatment – this is to treat all my superficial pigmentation and freckles all over my face. Ruvy laser however, has a stronger sensation, it felt like a mild ant sting or a rubberband snapping on my pigmented spots (I don’t know what is a better word to use to describe it honestly… but ant sting might sound a bit more painful… hahaha)

After completing my treatment, the assisting nurse started to apply some creams over my face to help soothe my skin, they also applied good amount of sunblock for me to protect me from the sunlight when I’m prepared to leave. I was further instructed on how to properly moisturize my skin, and to always use sunblock with both UVA and UVB blocking capabilities, ie SPF 50+ with PA+++ are all mostly good sunblock in the market. At this time, my skin looked a bit flushed and my freckles looks darker than usual as explained to be prior to the treatment. My doctor did mentioned that if the freckles looks darker, means it will scabbed, and this also means that it will improve faster! So I was actually glad to see most of my freckles looking darker that it usually is.

My dear doctor also advised me on post laser care as well as to not get too much sun exposure, like going swimming or a trip to the beach; but it is definitely okay to go out to have lunch with friends or drive out in the sunlight as long as I have my sunblock applied properly.

What a speedy recovery!

The next day after my treatment, my skin just felt a bit warm, but that sensation faded away after a few splashes of cold water. The redness too also subsided the following morning. All my treated freckles turned into very tiny scabs, and those scabs took about 6 days for them to dropped off on their own. During my downtime recovery period, I just lightly covered them with concealer, the scabs were not too obvious, and no one even asked me about it.

vivi ruvy daily progress
Daily Progress of the freckles on my skin after getting Lutronic Laser treatment.

On the 6th day after my Lutronic Laser treatment, all my scabs suddenly decided to dropped off at once while I was washing my face. Suddenly, my skin looked super clean, even my pores were minimized, I look fairer and brighter. I don’t even need to put foundation on my skin anymore and my skin looks as perfect as a Korean actress’s skin. LOL…

Now, it has already been awhile since I have completed all 3 treatment sessions at Beau & Hans Clinic, thankfully, none of my daily activities were affected during this whole period of time.

” There isn’t any rebound or worsening of my pigmentation and my face didn’t become sensitive after the laser treatment as I initially thought it would be.

I am giving BEAU & HANS a 100% satisfaction score for the overall services they provided.”


Not only because it was relatively painless with good results, but my doctor really paid close attention to my needs and concerns, spending her time to explain to me in detail and also making sure I really did understand what she was saying before choosing to do the laser myself. I highly recommend Lutronic Laser to anyone who has the same pigmentation problems like me, if you are worried about your first laser treatment, then, you should really give this clinic and laser a try!


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