Witnessing the power of AGNES Radio Frequency Therapy removed my Double Chin and Eye Bag effectively, at Beau&Hans Clinic Johor Bahru

Some stubborn fats on the face can’t be lost no matter how much weight you have lost.

After successfully losing 3.5 kg, I realized that some areas of my body still remain very fat and chubby, especially the loose fat on my face, such as double chin, jowl fat (fat at the corners of the mouth), and eye bags, all of which only exist to make me look more tired. Since I have already tried my best to lose weight with no results there, I decided to let the experts solve my problems. 5 years ago, I had successfully treated my freckles and age spots at Beau & Hans Clinic in Johor Bahru. I was satisfied and confident with their services, so I contacted them back to solve my new problems.

Back to Beau & Hans Clinic once again

I told my doctor about my unwanted fat issues and the doctor examined my skin carefully. She then discussed with me about my desired goals that I wished to achieve and the degree of treatment that I can accept, instead of just hard selling me any unnecessary procedures.

As my problem lies within sagging skin and fat accumulation at my double chin, angle of mouth, and eye bags, the doctor recommended AGNES Radio Frequency (RF) to both tighten the skin and burn the fat away. When using RF to treat the skin, the heat emitted can promote formation of new collagen and the heat can also dissolve any unwanted underlying fat, thus tightening the skin and removing excess fat. Since this RF treatment has a downtime for healing process, I agreed to arranged another day for treatment.

AGNES RF removes Double Chin, Eye Bags, and Jowl fat

The treatment of Agnes RF took about 1 hour, before the actual procedure, numb cream was applied over my face. While waiting, the doctor further explained to me about the procedure. I would be feeling slight pricking electric pulse-like sensations during the treatment. For the downtime, I would probably be experiencing local redness, swelling, bruises, discoloration, etc; all these were explained to me in details. Regarding post-treatment care, I was provided with enough information so that I had the confidence on taking good care of my skin during the recovery period.

List of Skin Problems that can be treated by Agnes RF

During the treatment, when the AGNES RF needle enters the skin tissue, I felt a warm pricking sensation, all the same for the jowl, double chin and my eye bags. In fact, the pain was tolerable because the nurse was applying ice after the treatment. The doctor also talked to me throughout the procedure to ensure that I would not feel too scared, so that I completed the first treatment quite comfortably.

“Because the doctors and nurses have given me detailed explanation before the treatment, I was fully prepared during the recovery period.”

After the treatment, the skin over jawline felt tight and I can feel a warm sensation over the eye bags and double chin regions. After the nurse applied the ice and skin care products, it eased up a lot. The next day when I woke up, the treated areas were swollen and there were some scattered bruises. I felt a few small lumps over the double chin region, and there was a tingling sensation on the treated area. However these symptoms were all expected, I wasn’t worried much because the doctor had already informed me of all these, I was mentally prepared to take them on.

After about 10 days, the swelling and bruises on my face had mostly resolved. In a months time my eye bags and jowl fat had reduced by 50%. My chin and jawline were more defined and most importantly, the double chin was almost gone! After waiting patiently for two months, I decided to have my second AGNES RF treatment.

The result was so amazing that I received so much praised from my family and friends

The doctor initially suggested that I have 3 Agnes RF treatments, but just after two treatments, I’ve already noticed the results! First of all, my double chin had disappeared, my eye bags were almost gone and my jowl fats were reduced by a lot. I received so much compliments from my family and friends.

Thanks to the doctors at Beau&Hans to solve my troubles in such a short period of time. Now when i look into the mirror i am very happy that i looked younger once again!

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