FOTONA Laser Removal of Skin Tags & Oil Seeds- @BEAU & HANS Skin Aesthetic Clinic Johor Bahru

I have been getting these annoying skin tags and oil seeds around my eyes for about a year, these tiny bumps make me look very unattractive and I just can’t cover them with make up or concealer anymore!

Sometimes, on closer look, people thought that I have some dirt around my eyes, and when they point it out to me, it makes me feel very embarrassed.

A painful and unsafe past experience.

I used to go seek help from a beauty salon and the beautician uses something to burn my skin. The burning process was quite painful because they don’t put anything to help numb my skin before that, the wound was also slightly deep and I felt quite unsafe each time I visit.

When these skin tags came back again I told myself that it’s better to visit a proper clinic to have them removed. So one day, while I was having my Filler Chin Augmentation Treatment done at Beau & Hans Clinic, I asked my doctor about the removal of skin tags and oil seeds. The doctor suggested using Fotona Laser to remove them, the advantage was Fotona laser can more accurately control the depth of the removal to avoid any scar formation, also the recovery rate would be faster. Plus, the treatment will be done by a doctor and not just a beautician or nurse! I was quite relieved to hear that because I was getting worried about safety issues with repeated treatment at beauty salons.

My new experience with Fotona Laser removing Oil Seeds and Skin Tags

On my treatment day, my nurse in charge applied some numbing cream around the affected area, around half an hour later my doctor came in to re-explain in detail how Fotona Laser would be performed for my problems, she also explained to me what to expect during and after the treatment, and also on how to take care of my skin during my recovery period. The nurse then wiped off the numbing cream and my laser was performed.

During the treatment, when the Fotona laser beam got into contact with my skin, I didn’t feel any pain at all, I did however notice that there was a burning smell (like BBQ! Lol…). In no time, my laser treatment was completed and my nurse applied some post laser cream and sunblock on my wound and face. The procedure was simpler then what I expected it to be. When I went back home, I only felt a slight warmth around my eyes region and abit of prickliness. On the second day, the warmth sensation was gone and scabs have started to form on the wound around my eyes.

oil seed daily progress

Even though the scabs looked a bit scary to look at, I at least was expecting worst because my doctor had explained to me before the procedure that scab formation will be part of my healing process. It took my skin about 6 days in total before the scab fall off on its own completely. There are thankfully no scars or any skin discoloration after that too, and I ended up with a cleaner & smoother face!

Are you satisfied with the Oil Seeds & Skin Tags removal treatment using Fotona Laser?

” Of course I am very satisfied! Especially since now when I touch my skin it feels smooth and clean. People will not tell me that there’s dirt around my eyes anymore!”

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