Having one of the Best Aesthetic Clinic in JB perform Pigmentation Removal Laser on my Sensitive Skin – Finally can kiss goodbye to my stubborn pigmentation.

For a girl whose skin is often sensitive and red, it’s a real headache to have pigmentation on my face. It is often difficult to do pigments removal treatments and avoid provoking my sensitivity at the same time. However under the care of Beau & Hans Aesthetic Clinic, and after 6 rounds of Lutronic NdYAG lasers treatment, I can definitely appreciate some good results on my face. Nowadays, I even forget that I used to have nasty pigmentation problem.

My Pigmentation Removal Story

I have sensitive skin since young, triggered by the heat, my face would always turn red easily.

When I finished school and started working in Singapore, I started to notice some freckles on my cheek. At the beginning it didn’t bother me much, however in less than 2 years the pigmentation got even more and became bigger, I can’t even conceal them anymore with makeup! Even my colleagues and friends started to notice the spots on my face and asked me about it, which frustrated me a lot.


My past attempts to remove the pigmentations

I visited some aesthetic salon or clinics in the past, and attempted to remove my pigmentations. I did try several IPL light therapy on my cheeks, applied AHA & BHA chemical peel etc, but there wasn’t any improvement. What is worse, my sensitive skin became so red and hot that made my pigmentation look even darker.

I had already given up halfway when my friend in JB introduced me to Beau & Hans Clinic. I enquire to them online to check out their services and turned out they are very informative and reassuring, I then decided to consult with their doctor.

During consultation, the doctor asked about my problems and I shared my past aesthetic experiences with her, she listened carefully and later examined my skin thoroughly. She explained that my sensitive skin condition gets red and dry easily due to excessive heat exposure and using incorrect skin care products. She told me that my pigmentations are located deeper in my skin instead of being purely superficial pigmentation which I initially thought it was.

Lutronic Spectra XT

The doctor recommended Lutronic NdYAG Laser to treat my deep pigmentation, however the spacing between each laser must be between 1-2months time depending on how my skin recovers. She would closely monitor my skin condition in between treatments and I would need to take good care of my skin at home. She told me that patience is the key for successful treatment and I agreed with her. I then scheduled a date for the treatment.


Lutronic Laser break down pigment
Laser energy targets pigments within tissue, via photoacoustic manipulation, it breaks the pigment into smaller fragments so that the body’s immune system can naturally absorb or remove the smaller particles easily


How does Lutronic NdYAG Laser felt like?

I remember the doctor went with a basic laser setting for my first treatment session to test how my skin was going to react towards the treatment. Honestly speaking, it didn’t feel painful at all, just a little prickly.

She also advised specific skin care products to help calm my skin and minimize the redness on my face.

During the subsequent sessions, she slowly increased the intensity of the laser power to further break down the more stubborn pigments. Surprisingly, my sensitive skin was able to withstand the power!

With proper skin care and sunblock application, the redness on my cheeks after each treatment disappears in less than 5 days.


How about the result?

front before after resizeright before after resizeleft before after resize

After 6 rounds of Lutronic NdYAG laser, the pigmentation on my face has faded significantly, my skin tone is more even out compared to before.

Initially I havd my doubts about my skin redness and sensitive issues with laser treatment, however my face actually became less sensitive after using the proper skin care and sunblock. With good spacing between the laser, it gave my skin ample time to recover fully.

I am very happy with the results and I encourage those who are having similar problems like me to not give up, and always seek help at professional skin clinic to solve your problem.

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