Using Lutronic Nd Yag Laser to treat my Skin Pigmentation Issue at Johor Bahru.

Hey guys! I am back to this Top Aesthetic Clinic in Johor Bahru! This time i will receive Skin Brightening Laser Treatment.

My first concerns were uneven skin tone and freckles on my cheeks. I have to make sure that my skin condition is always at its best because I am working in the modeling industry, I hope I can maintain healthy and flawless skin in front of the camera. I have tried a lot of skin brightening products, such as spot reduction essence, brightening face mask, etc, but I didn’t get any good results from them, so I was very keen to try any other available option out there. Thus, I went back to Beau & Hans Medical Clinic for another consultation, I was familiar with the doctor already as I used to treat my Dark Eye Circles there and brought good results.

I shared my concerns with the doctor and she took a step further to examine my skin, explained to me in details on how freckles and uneven skin tone occurred. My doctor suggested to use Lutronic laser to treat my spots and improve the skin tone. The downtime for recovery is fairly short and I am able to apply my make up just a few days later, which suits well for my work.


How do I feel during the Laser treatment?

First the nurse used gentle products to remove my make-up and cleanse my face. After cleaning, the doctor began to treat me. As it was the first time I ever did a laser, I was a little nervous. The doctor gave me a test shot on my cheek to show me that it wasn’t painful at all, that really calm me down. The whole treatment process was quite comfortable, the doctor would adjust the intensity of the laser according to my skin type hence I didn’t feel any pain at all.

lutronic laser skin tone brightening

How about the skin recovery?

Well I didn’t feel much heat or pain when the treatment was completed, there were some redness at the area where the doctor treated my freckles and moles. The next day all redness had subsided, leaving only some scabs which lasted for the next few days. The entire recovery process lasted a few days and the scabs began to dropped off on the fourth day, I was able to apply makeup after four days. The most important factor for good healing is proper sun protection and a lot of moisturizer. The doctor went through all my skin care products, and advised me to continue to use some of my own skin care products that’s gentler, stuff that had acidic component inside she advised me to stop using for now to avoid irritation.

daily progress resize


Was there any impact on my daily activity?

My doctor had designed a proper skin care regime for me during my healing phase, the nurse also wrote down a note for me so I won’t get confused with the steps. I followed strictly my regime every day and hence I didn’t had any problems at all. The slight swelling and redness only lasted the first day, so it didn’t affect my daily activity.


How is the result?

I just completed my second laser treatment, and already I can see some very significant results. My freckles have improved a lot and my skin tone has become more even. The quality of my skin seems to feel healthier and there is no sensitivity or skin peeling at all. I hope I can achieve flawless skin after a few more time of treatment. My satisfaction level for now is 100%!!!


Personal thought:

For the record, I have been a patient at Beau & Hans Aesthetic Clinic for several years, and I like their professionalism and kindness. The doctor here knows what is best for my skin. Every time I talk to the doctor regarding my concerns or discuss about which treatment I want to do, the doctor will always give me a very professional and honest advice. As a result I feel safer to receive my treatment from them.


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