Journey to Treat My Severe Acne Scar at Johor Bahru

“The painful truth about Acne Scar is that it not only affects my personal self-esteem but also the way how others see me. I am glad that FOTONA Laser was able to treat my Acne Scars quite effectively.”

I have been bothered by my severe acne scarring ever since I was a teenager. I have tried all kinds of remedies such as facials, peels, mask, and all manner of skincare products in an attempt to reduce the appearance of my scars but to no avail, sometimes resorting to concealers to help reduce the scar appearance.

I was Confused with too many options for Scar Treatment. . .

I had read about different types of laser treatment for acne scars and did some research about it a while ago, however after consulting with a few different clinics and doing more of my own research, I was still unable to fully commit to their suggested treatments because of all the inconsistent information that I found online felt unreliable. Each time I visited a clinic for consultation, I would leave with more questions than answers.

With Medical Skin Expert’s help, I finally found the Laser of Choice

I knew about Beau and Hans through a friend’s recommendation and decided to give them a go. On the day of my first consultation I was met by Dr Pamela. I was impressed by her patience in answering all my questions and taking a pleasantly long time to explain my acne scarring type and the available treatment options available to me. I was also given a short class on the different types of lasers in the market and how each of them worked. She then recommended a program comprising of fully ablative Fotona laser peels and after laser hydration treatment. I was finally convinced and agreed for treatment, we scheduled my first treatment the earliest available time I had.

My first treatment for Fotona laser lasted around 2 hours. In which, about half of that time was mainly to allow the numbing cream on my face to take effect. While waiting, Dr Pam prep me for the procedure by explaining further step by step on what is going to be done that day, from the expected sensation during the treatment, to the possible effects or side effects, to what to expect during the down time, and after treatment care. I was pumped with enough information that I felt that I could handle the treatment quite well.

Getting started with FOTONA Acne Scar Treatment

Check out the video on how this laser works!

The Fotona laser was a 2 step treatment using 2 difference laser platforms, the first round of laser to create new collagen was more of a deep heating sensation, it was quite bearable to be honest. The second round of treatment was the full field ablation treatment, where the sensation was rather akin to a light rubber band slapping against my face repeatedly, it was also quite bearable as the helpful nurse used a cold air machine to help cool the area while the treatment was performed. Dr Pam was extremely attentive and talked with me continuously throughout the whole procedure, mostly as a distraction and also to make sure I wasn’t feeling too awful or scared.

Immediately after the treatment, my skin looked very red and felt raw and tingly. I didn’t mind much about the redness because my face always did look pinkish prior to any treatment to start with. Laser cream and medical sunblock was then applied on my face for protection. The lovely nurse continued to use the cold air machine to relief some of the rawness felt after the procedure which helped a lot! After the procedure, I was given an appointment for after laser hydration treatment and was free to go. Thus completing my first Fotona laser experience at Beau & Hans Clinic.

“I was very well prepared for the recovery period, thanks to the detailed explanation and reassurance given by the doctor and nurses prior to the treatment.”

daily progress

The rawness sensation only lasted on the first day, the next day itself my face just felt very tight. For the next 4 days, my face looked like I had a bad sunburn, but apart from that there wasn’t any noticeable pain.  I was advised to use cold water to wash my face to reduce redness, and to make sure my skin don’t dry out, I had to use the laser cream and sunblock to protect my skin against UV ray damages. Despite estimating that the down time for peeling could be a week, I was out and about and back to work by the third day after the treatment. I was still peeling but work was still as important. By the 4th day or so, most of the ablated skin had already peeled off, leaving my skin softer and pinkish in color, as advised, I continued my skin regime of applying laser cream and sun protection every day.

I have since completed two Fotona laser treatments and two hydration treatments since then, and my acne scarring has visibly improved. I love the hydration treatment more so because it didn’t have any down time or peeling and almost immediately it helped reduced all the redness I had in my skin. The hydrating effect made my skin feel softer to the touch too. My skin tone now is much even out and brighter, and the scars are less pronounced than before. Another plus point I notice is that my skin is less oily than before too after the laser treatment.

before after side_mix01before after side R_mix01


” I must say that the results are very encouraging despite the down time from the peeling and I’m look forward to completing my program with the clinic and seeing even more results. ”

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