Lutronic Laser treating Cystic Acne, a challenge without antibiotics

“I have been dealing on and off with acne for many years, until I was introduced to Lutronic Laser for Acne Treatment at Beau & Hans Clinic Johor. This is my story…”

I have always had to deal with acne since primary school, it wasn’t that bad in the beginning, but it got really worst when I was 16 till I had to go to a skin clinic to get help. I was prescribed Doxycycline, an antibiotic that would help reduce the acnes bacteria. Miraculously, all my acne disappeared within a week and even after getting off the medication I didn’t had any recurrence problem. However, after 1 year I started getting acne again, this time I went back to the same clinic and was put on Doxycycline again, disappointingly, my body seemed to have been immune to the medication, so there was little to no effects at all. I then decided to go to another clinic, this one had their own clinical line of products which after using them, my acne was gone again. Unfortunately, I start having other side effects from prolonged usage of them, causing my skin to become really dry and painful even though I was already using 2 different moisturizers. In the end, the acne eventually came back.

I revisited the clinic and the doctor prescribed me another antibiotic. He told me that if my acne doesn’t get better, he will just prescribe me Accutane. After taking the antibiotic this time round, my situation took a sudden turn and I started getting really large and painful cystic acne on my face. Previously, it was only simple acne on my right cheek and forehead area, but after that I started getting acne on my left cheek and chin as well. My acne became so much worst after taking the new medication that I was even more reluctant to try out Accutane. What’s more, I would also suffer from stomach cramps and nausea, a common side effect from the antibiotics, although this side effects was supposed to go away after I stopped taking it, it stuck with me until many months later. So ultimately, I felt that even with taking Accutane, it was not going to be worth it because of the many more serious side effects that could possible happen, and I had no confidence if it will go away even after I stop taking Accutane. I felt that my health was more important than the risks involved. I was also tired from having to rely on medication for my situation.

My cystic nodular acne went worse after taking the antibiotic

I was afraid of the side effects of Accutane because of the side effect I had experienced with taking Antibiotics. Therefore I decided to go for an alternative route to solve my acne without involving oral medication.

Now, I was in a situation in which not only had my nodular cystic acne had gotten worse, I also had post acne red marks and hyperpigmentation too, worried that they would never fade away, I searched online for an alternative clinic and chose to go to Beau & Hans Clinic to seek for help.

The first time when I visited the clinic, the doctor patiently took time to understand my whole situation, including the previous ways I have underwent to try to solve my problem. She then offered a treatment option using Lutronic & Gold Toning Laser, she explained it was to help reduce the clogging and control the acne growth without having the need to take medication to avoid any side effects that I was worried about experiencing.

Worried that my acne and post acne marks could get worst and never fade away, I searched online for an alternative clinic, and chose to go to Beau & Hans Clinic to seek for help.


My doctor gave a very detailed explanation regarding my laser treatment, she was very clear and informative. I liked how the laser treatment seemed so much safer for my skin and was willing to give it a try. Thankfully, the laser treatment process was fast and hassle free, I initially thought that there would be a considerable amount of pain or discomfort but it was quite tolerable. I have a very low threshold for pain but this treatment was quite fine for me, I find facial extraction even more painful than the laser itself.

check out how this laser works

Surprisingly, no downtime time after the laser for me!

There was totally no downtime for me. I thought there were at least going to have skin peeling or scabbing from the laser on my face but I was pleasantly surprised that there were none at all! My face will usually look a bit pinkish or flushed after the laser treatment, but that would subside in just a few hours later and my skin tone will be back to normal.

Also, I can resume my daily activities without people noticing it!

As there were no down time, I had no issues with going about my daily activities after the treatment. I was initially worried about having to go to work the next 1 or 2 days and then having to worry about my colleagues asking what had happened to me, I am so glad that it didn’t come down to that!

The outcome of Lutronic Laser Treatment for acne was amazing, I am very happy with the results.

Previously, my face was always angry red looking and my acne was very large and painful. The results from the laser treatment were not instant. I only started noticing visible results after 3-4 treatments, where my acne had gotten smaller in size and lesser in amount, my post acne marks and hyperpigmentation however faded considerably faster. My skin tone is also no longer inflamed looking and red. I’m quite satisfied with the result so far, considering the fact that I managed to achieve these results without having the need to take any medication!

And my advice to those who have acne problem.

For anyone with acne, don’t lose hope. It’s easy to feel frustrated and feel lost when you had already tried all possible ways to get rid of your acne. There’s always a solution to everything, just be patient and don’t give up.



I have done the Lutronic laser and Gold toning treatments for almost a year now. There has been significant improvement for both my acne and pigmentation issues. Before the treatment, my nodular cystic acne was very inflamed looking, but now my acne is already well under control and my face is no longer red from the inflammation! My doctor was patient and experienced, coming up with the best treatment plan tailored to my problems to overcome my skin condition, and the nurses there were very encouraging and helpful also throughout my journey to recovery. Overall, I’m very satisfied with Beau & Hans Clinic and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an honest and effective solution for their skin problems!



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