Nose Augmentation by Thread at Johor Bahru

Hey guys, I am going to share my experience with Nose Thread Augmentation at Beau&Hans Aesthetic Clinic Johor Bahru.

So, why Nose Augmentation?

Well that’s because I think I look better in pictures and my general face structure is better if I have a higher nose bridge. I don’t really have an ideal nose shape in my mind but I just wanted a high nose bridge but also something that is natural looking.

I did a lot of research before doing this procedure. I had not heard of this procedure until my friend did it first, and hers looked so nice and natural. So I had decided to go for it too because compared to fillers and a surgical nose job, the downtime was minimal and there was a more permanent effect if I went for it more often.

About the process

The clinic was clean and the staff gave a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The doctor understood my concerns well and answered all my questions I had. I definitely had some worries beforehand but the doctor was very good at reassuring me. I was also well-informed about the procedure and the process by the doctor, because of that, my worries really reduced as I knew more or less how to handle the downtime and to take care of myself during the recovering period. I had no extra concerns going into the procedure after that.

The nose thread treatment process was relatively quick. The doctor initially gave me numb injection which was slightly painful but after that when the threads were inserted, it was very relatively painless and easy.  Much better than I imagined.

Let’s talk about the recovering process.

I was able to go out for lunch after the procedure and no one noticed I had done any procedures. As the numb effect started wearing off, I did feel some soreness in my nose and a slight pressure at my nose bridge. I also applied an ice pack as I was told to when I got home and that help to minimize swelling. To be honest, I had almost no downtime to bear. My nose was only a bit swollen for the first 2 days where the injections were. The only thing it affected was how I had to wash my face, I couldn’t press or scrub on my nose too hard, but that is hardly any inconvenience to me.

How’s the outcome?

Am I happy with the outcome? Yes of course! I definitely have a higher nose bridge now. I’m quite satisfied with the results.

nose augmentation by thread b4 after


My advice for my fellow viewers:

If you want a higher nose bridge without risk of “fillers” moving around, this is the procedure for you. Plus it looks natural with almost no obvious marks on your nose. There is also a chance for the results to become permanent if you do it multiple times.


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