Filler Reshaping My Chin, a more define V Shape Jawline

My second time visiting Beau & Hans Clinic after 2years! This time I came to touch up my Chin Filler to make it look V shape again!

Most people are slightly dissatisfied with their facial features and for my case, I pay a lot of attention to my chin, I feel that a good shape chin can enhance the jawline of the face. I personally feel that my chin is very short that’s why my side profile isn’t as nice when I take selfies.

Reason behind my second visit to this clinic:

I started actively looking for a solution 2 years back, I had done some online research and visited some beauty clinics in Johor Bahru, including Beau&Hans. What I find great about this clinic was that the atmosphere here was warm and staff here treated you with lots of kindness yet being quite professional. The most important thing is that they do not push their patient to get unnecessary treatment nor are too hard sale. The first time I did Chin Filler in this clinic was 2years ago, I was very happy with the result. So I decided to come back here to touch up my chin with them again.

Using Filler to reshape my Chin

Although it is the second treatment, the doctor here will still explain the procedure thoroughly before proceeding with the treatment which I found to be very nice as some of us might forget the process like me. I was initially worried about pain or bruises before the injection, but with numb cream with ice application, I can hardly feel any pain during the injection. The process was still quite fast and luckily no bruising at all!

There is basically not much to be done during the recovery period after the Filler except that I have to avoid massaging my chin after.



I am very very satisfied with my chin now; everyone said that my jawline looked sharper and no more Photoshop is needed when I take selfies.

If you are like me who prefer a more define jawline maybe you can try Chin Fillers as it will reshape your jawline almost immediately, yet doesn’t give you much pain/ downtime after



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