Freckles and Skin Pigmentation in Pregnancy – My experience with treating them with Lutronic Spectra XT Laser

“Returning to Beau & Hans Aesthetic Clinic at Johor Bahru, after they had successfully treated my Childhood Freckles, now to settle my Post Pregnancy Skin Pigmentation issue.”

I have always been very concern about the pigmentation on my face. Since young, I have had freckles on my cheeks, during 2014 I had successfully treated them with Lutronic Spectra XT Laser at Beau & Hans Clinic. I then enjoyed clear and clean looking skin until the birth of my second child.

After giving birth in 2017, a large round patch of pigmentation started to appear on my face and it started darkening with time. I tried to apply whitening cream at home and started applying routine sunblock too but the big patch of pigment didn’t improve at all. I really had no other idea how to lighten my pigmentation until I remembered this Aesthetic Clinic that fixed my freckles issue a few years back, so I decided that it was time to revisit them to consult about my new pigmentation issue.

The doctors in the clinic are still the familiar faces, Dr Pamela and Dr Winnie, they greeted me warmly and gave me a very professional consultation. They identified the type of pigmentation I had on my face, which unfortunately, is deeply located in the dermis layer. They explained that this commonly occurs during pregnancy and can worsen by lack of sunscreen usage which I was guilty of. They plan to treat it with the same laser machine that I had done many years back, but using a different power setting, hence the downtime and recovery would be a totally different experience. They also explained on how to take care of my skin to prevent pigment rebound or recurrence after my laser treatments.

My doctor informed me that there will also be a temporary darkening of my existing pigmentation for about 2 to 4 weeks after each laser session, but after that the pigmentation will eventually become lighter. The doctors here are always very informative and straightforward, l always feel very well informed about my treatment process and feel very much at ease to let them handle my face.

Lutronic Spectra XT Laser, here I come again!

The total duration of this procedure lasted about 15-20mins. My face was first thoroughly cleansed by the nurse, then my doctor came into the procedure room to start my treatment. We started with a laser toning to even out my skin tone, followed by a switch of setting to target the pigmentation on my cheek. Overall, there’s not much discomfort felt other than a mild prickly snappy feeling. When the laser session is done, my nurse then applied some post laser cream along with sufficient sunblock on my face, and I am free to go.

What about the downtime? How did you cope with it?

Well, my skin felt slightly dry the first few days after the laser, my pigmentation turned slightly red and looked darken during the following 2 weeks. There wasn’t a need to panic as all these were already informed to me beforehand so I was well prepared mentally. As advised, I use adequate amount of moisturizer provided by the clinic to hydrate the skin, and repeatedly applied sufficient sunblock in the morning and afternoon. I try to avoid the sun as much as possible. Even with the downtime, my daily routine and other activities were not affected at all by the treatment process.

What is the outcome of the treatment?

Well basically ALL the freckles on my face are now gone since 2014. This time however, due to the COVID19 issue and MCO restrictions, I wasn’t allowed to travel to JB as freely as I wanted to and only received 3 session of laser treatment for my new pigment issue, but fortunately even with 3 treatments I can see that the pigmentation has lightened up significantly. Now I am able to conceal the pigment with just applying my sunscreen. I believe my pigmentation can be further lighten if I can receive more treatments.

Below picture was Back in 2014 when i had successfully clear my freckles issue on my face at Beau&Hans Clinic

Below picture was Back in 2020 when i restart Laser treatment for Deep Pigmentation During Pregnancy

Overall I am very satisfy with the outcome considering everything. My advice for the readers out there is that if you are concern about your pigmentation on your face, kindly seek professional help! See a proper doctor to identify the types of pigmentation you have on your face and get the correct treatment. This is the most effective way to cure your pigmentation issue.

I am very happy to see my face looking freckle-free now, and I am looking forward to my further treatment in removing my deeper pigmentation. Cheers guys!


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