Looking For Affordable Laser Treatment to Remove Pigmentation in Singapore? Why Not Spent the Same amount of Money for Better Medical Aesthetic in JB?

I was looking for the most affordable aesthetic clinic in Singapore to do my pigmentation laser, and I soon found out that cheaper prices will come with subpar laser treatment or having beauticians deal with my treatment instead of certified doctors. But with the same amount of money, I surprisingly could afford the best skin doctors in JB!

I was very happy to have found Beau & Hans Clinics in Johor Bahru. With just 3 laser sessions, the results were pretty obvious, even my mom commented that my pigmentation has significantly lessen.

Today I’m going to be blogging my entire experience at Beau & Hans Clinic

My Pigmentation History

For the past 20 years, I have had this ugly large patch of pigmentation over my right arm. I got it from a bad sunburn after going to a water park when I was 6. It was not as bad initially, the burn was red for some times, then the skin started peeling, there was a mark left behind that progressive darken with time as I tend exposed my arm to sunlight on a daily basis afterwards due to my many outdoor activities.

This hyperpigmented patch covers half of my upper arm, and throughout my life as far as I can remember, I have had many people asking about it, even during a scholarship interview! (They were probably worried I had some transmissible skin disease)

This nasty patch is also slightly hairier than my normal skin, making it stand out even more. I have always felt insecure about it to the point where I have to avoid wearing sleeveless tops.

I always prayed it could lighten up with time as I grew up, but it’s safe to say it looked exactly the same over this 20 years, most of my other childhood scars have more or less faded, other this remains.


My previous attempts to remove it

My mum has always felt guilty about this pigmented patch, blaming herself for not slathering me with sunblock on that fine day. When I was about 12, she did take me to a laser clinic to try some pigmentation removal options. The dermatologist tested a laser on a small area of my skin which developed tiny little white blisters afterward. My pigmented patch didn’t improve at all, if anything, it actually became a little worse.

I have also tried to apply whitening creams and product during my early twenties but to no avail. My desperation reached it’s peak when I found my dream wedding dress which had to be sleeveless! In one last ditch attempt to remove this patch before my wedding, I posted a post on Facebook openly asking for recommendation for any affordable laser clinic in Singapore which can help my situation.


…And that’s how I came to know about Beau & Hans Clinic

Beau & Hans Signboard

One of my friends suggested that I should try and visit this Aesthetic Clinic In Johor Bahru called Beau & Hans. It never crossed my mine that I could have traveled to JB for this. Getting medical aesthetic treatment from top dermatologist in Singapore would probably cost me an arm and a leg, and I was thus prepared to leave my skin condition to a beautician in Singapore which cost relatively cheaper. But going to JB would mean I get to undergo laser treatment for pigmentation removal at one of the top aesthetic clinic without having to bear the price of the same treatment in Singapore. Many people were already going to JB to get top dental care without needing to pay the insane price charged in Singapore, so why not do the same for laser treatment?

I searched online for Beau & Hans and managed to contact the clinic staff to ask about my condition. They replied me very quickly and gave me an brief online consultation about my problem, after which, they recommended undergoing laser treatment to reduce my pigmentation issue, I then decided to pay them a visit for a more official doctor patient consultation session


My 1st visit

During my first visit, the doctor explained in details to me regarding the different types of laser treatments and how each can work to help remove my pigmentation. The laser she suggested best for my condition is Lutronic Nd:Yag Laser, as it is the best laser machine out there for pigmentation.

lutronic laser

According to my understanding, the laser will break apart the melanin (the dark pigments) in my skin, which will then be metabolized by my own cells. It is also critical for me to avoid sunlight like a plague after my treatment is done, as my skin will be abit more sun sensitive and melanin can easily be developed back again if I am not too careful.

Lutronic Laser break down pigment


To completely remove my pigmentation, it was going to take a few laser treatment sessions spaced a few months apart to allow my skin enough time to break down the pigment cells and  to heal properly.

I felt very assured that I was in good hands, as the doctor was very knowledgeable and clear in her explanation. She was definitely the best dermatologist I could find myself with.


How the Lutronic Spectra XT Laser felt like

The doctor went with a basic laser setting for my first treatment session to test how my skin was going to react towards the laser. It honestly didn’t feel painful at all, just a little prickly like when how it feels when you lightly touch something rough. During my subsequent sessions, she slowly increased the intensity of the laser power to further break down the more stubborn pigments, but it was not at all painful for me. Honestly I’ve had some hair removal sessions that were a lot more painful.


After the treatment

My skin felt a little warm and itchy for a few hours after a particularly intense session, but nothing particularly bothersome. By the next morning, my skin will be back to normal. The doctor told me to apply moisturizer day and night along with a good SPF50 sunblock religiously.


The results

I am currently only at my third session, but I could definitely appreciate some significant results! I thought I was just imagining it, until my mum, who had not know I was undergoing laser treatment, commented that my pigment patch seems to have lighten a lot.


Now that I’m tanner, the pigmentation is hardly noticeable. I am so satisfied with the results so far, I’m planning to get a laser treatment with Beau & Hans Clinic soon to remove my acne pigmentation too. A quick Google search also shows I’m not the only satisfied customers, Beau & Hans’ Google and Facebook reviews are practically glowing!

Beside the visible results, I would like to just mention that I love the clinic’s service and location! The receptionists are courteous and always message me a day ahead to remind me of my appointment. The clinic is spotless and clean. It is located in a quieter part of JB, with a nice cafe across the road, as well as some very nice bars and eateries nearby. There is even a massage parlor a stone throw away.

Final Advice

If you regularly make the weekend trip to JB to relax, shop, do your hair, nails and dental check ups, why not opt for the best laser treatment personally performed by a top dermatologist as well? Chances are to get the same level of professional medical aesthetics treatment, you will have to pay top SINGAPORE dollars as well. Though I must say Beau & Hans Clinic is getting more occupied these days (understandably), and to get a weekend appointment can sometimes be hard. You had better get your laser treatment done soon, before all the Singaporeans flock there, and boy can Singaporeans smell a good deal, fast.




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