A more define Lips! How i love this Lip Fillers Augmentation

Q: What made you chose to undergo your lip augmentation?

I have really thin lips and was looking forward to having fuller and sexier lips. I was hoping it would boost my confidence also as well as my looks during my photo shooting sessions.

Q: Describe your experience with the Lip Filler Treatment.

It was surprisingly painless. I was nervous initially but the doctor was really reassuring, and her injection skills did not make me feel any pain at all. I would definitely choose to go back for other treatments if I decide to do so.

lip filler beau&hans

Check out my treatment video!

Q: Was there any downtime? How did you cope with it?

The downtime was minimal. A bit of swelling at the injection site.  I ate spicy food after my treatment and the swelling wasn’t obvious at all, I guess it’s quite subjective. Personally I think my recovery rate is fast. LOL

Q: What’s the outcome of the result? Were you satisfied?

I absolutely love the outcome of my lip filler treatment. My lips feel more sensual yet look very natural. 100% recommended!


Q: Any advice for our viewer?

Don’t be afraid of the process as it is really not as painful as you imagine. If someone like me who has such a low pain tolerance can do it, I think anyone can do it too. My doctor is very patient and gave me a lot of extra information about my treatment. So remember you can discuss your needs with the doctor to gain more knowledge yourself.


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