AGNES Radiofrequency (RF) Treatment for Face Lift & Jawline Tightening

I want to share my recent experience with getting AGNES RF Treatment at Beau & Hans Clinic in Johor Bahru

“My sagging, squarish face plus my weak jawline has become an issue as aging progresses.”

I noticed that my facial asymmetry has worsen due to aging and my bad lifestyle habits, such as chewing food on only one side of my mouth and habitually sleeping on one side of my face. These causes one side of my jaw to be bigger than the other side and also a more obvious sagginess on one side of my face.

Previously I had tried skin tightening laser treatment and even “bone adjustment” treatment to slim down my lower face, but I find that the results weren’t much or lasting. Eager to get a more sustainable face tightening treatment, I asked around and one of my friends recommended me to check out Beau & Hans clinic.

When I visited the clinic I was quite impressed with the simplicity and cleanliness of the clinic. I told the doctor my concerns for my squared and asymmetry jawline, she patiently discussed with me my situation, and asked me a lot of professional and to the point questions to further assess my issue. After that, she slowly explained to me what precipitated my problems and gave me options on which treatments are available to help improve my condition.

This time, a combination Treatments

The doctor suggested a combination of botulinum toxin A (BTA) treatment and AGNES Radiofrequency (RF) treatment to improve my lower face asymmetry, and at the same time to reduce the jowl fat as well as tighten the sagging skin. I find that the overall consultation was quite open and straightforward and the explanations given by the doctor were detailed yet simple to let me understand the treatment progress and outcome. These overall experience was quite different from when I visited other clinics previously. Without further ado, I told the doctor that we can start right away.

The doctor first did BTA injections on my oversized and asymmetry jaw muscles, it was quick and not painful at all. As I already had similar procedure done in the past, I was familiar with the result of jaw muscle reduction which you can achieve in just a month time. Then one month later, I came back for my second procedure — which was the AGNES RF treatment.

AGNES RF Treatment for jawline tightening, here I come!!

My doctor explained to me that for this procedure there would be a partially insulated small needles that she will insert into the fat pouch along my jawline, it will then selectively treat the targeted tissue while making sure the surface of my skin is protected from any burn injury. As for the downtime, I would probably be experiencing some local redness, swelling, bruises, and discoloration, etc; all these were explained to me in details including some simple post procedure care.

Numb cream was applied on my lower face for 30 minutes and the treatment took about 40 minutes to complete. During the treatment, I repeatedly felt intermittent tingling sensation at my lower face. It felt like tiny electric pulses or a light prickly sensation. When everything was done, the nurse quickly applied ice pack to sooth the swelling. 

How would I rank the level of pain, I will give it a 3 out of 10 as it was totally acceptable for me.

Check out how it was done from this video link

How was the recovery process?

When I went back home after the procedure, I can still feel some amount of warm sensation over my jaw region. When I woke up the next day, there were some bruises and swelling over my lower face. As instructed by my doctor during consultation, I applied some ice pack covered by a towel several times a day and I repeated this for about 3 days. The swelling and bruises took about 5 days to recover. The downtime didn’t affect my daily activities as I could still go to work with my mask on.

In a month’s time, I noticed my jawline became more defined and the pouch of flabby fat actually looks much reduced.

“Because the doctors and nurses have given me detailed explanation before the treatment, I was fully prepared during my recovery period.”

Were there any concern before receiving the treatment?

Frankly speaking I was so nervous the day before the treatment. However the doctor and nurses were very attentive and patience. They explained everything about the treatment to me in detail without hiding anything from me, the experience I like the most was from their sincerity and honesty.

What’s the outcome of the treatment?

“With just one treatment and most of my problem was easily solved!”

I am satisfied with how I look now. I am more confident with everyone around me. I will give it a 90% score for satisfaction. My next treatment with AGNES RF will be aimed at my double chin – which I regretted not doing together with my jowl fat in the same session, I should have just listened to my doctor advice when she said to just treat them also. Ha ha ha. I’ve learn my lesson and will be listening to my doctor’s advice from now on my road to becoming more beautiful!


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