The Fighting Journey for My Stubborn Acne and Scar Treatment with Lutronic Laser at Johor Bahru

I first started having acne at 15 years old, it started out as small tiny red bumps but progressively worsen throughout the years because they just repeatedly flare up! The war between me and acne lasted for 5 years. I have tried an assortment of treatments but nothing seem to settle down these unlucky bouts of troublesome spots.

The worst time period was when I was given a course of oral medication for the acne, a month later it became so bad that I can barely see any healthy skin left on my face. It was painful when I wash my face because of the pus exploding out on rubbing. Seeing the suffering I was going through, my parents decided to seek a more professional approach and I was then introduced to Beau & Hans clinic for help.

acne Bevis Goh Jian Rui before 3side blog
This was during my worst acne outbreak and just before I started treatment with Lutronic Laser.


After having a thorough consultation with Dr Pam, I was outlined the potential factors that are contributing to my problems, I decided to change my lifestyle according to the suggested treatment plan the doctor advised me, and accepted the laser treatment proposed also.

lutronic laser
Lutronic Spectra XT Laser with Gold Toning Laser


The treatments I had was called Lutronic Spectra Peel Laser (aka Hollywood Laser) combined with  Lutronic Gold Toning Laser. The aim of the laser was to safely reduce my sebum production, to destroy the stubborn bacteria and to reduce my acne redness.

For now, I have completed 5 sessions of lasers during this 6 months. Initially I didn’t notice much improvement but after the 3rd month onward the bad acne condition was finally under controlled. By the 5th month, I could see very obvious improvement. Not only has the acne reduced by a lot, the redness and pigmentation also went down.

gold toning Bevis
Treatment in Progress
acne Bevis Goh Jian Rui after 3 side blog
With 5 rounds of laser treatment, I am happy on how it everything turned out!


My skin still isn’t perfect, but it has improved by a lot. What is more important to me is that I no longer have to suffer physical or emotional pain caused by my bad acne.  My overall satisfaction is 99.8% for this clinic, not only have they done a good job with treating my skin, but I also felt at eased each time I visited the clinic because the staff there are very professional and sincere, they didn’t mind spending time to explain in detail the root of my problems and how to properly treat it also.

” Fighting acne isn’t easy, but with proper medical help it will become better. “

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