Skin Tags, Oil Seeds, Sun Spots Treated all at once @ Beau&Hans Clinic

“Having my mixture of skin concerns including skin tags, oil seeds, moles, and sun spots treated once and for all with FOTONA Laser, I am very glad that my skin looks much healthier.”

I have many moles on my face from young. Over the years, I also have collected many dark spots on my face also, and all together they make my skin tone look even more uneven.

I wanted to remove all of them but at the same time I was reluctant to visit any beauty center or clinic due to lack of information. I came across Beau & Hans Clinic through a relative of mine who had received treatments from there and she strongly recommended their services to me. I decided to arrange for a consultation with their doctor to find out what are the treatment options available for me.

First, i have my skin problems properly diagnosed.

When I first arrived at the clinic, I was welcomed warmly by the nurses, the atmosphere was quite relaxing and the clinic was very clean. It was a good experience for me as I received a very thorough consultation from an experienced doctor in skin aesthetic. As the doctor started taking my medical history, she also patiently examine my overall skin condition and skin issues, at the same time pointing out the different problems that I had and giving me the options available. She is very detailed in explaining and professional while doing my skin diagnostics.

She pointed out that those dark spots that I perceived as “mole” were actually a mixture of sun spot, pigmented skin tag, oil seeds etc. In order to treat them I have to receive a few sessions of Fotona Laser Treatments to safely reduce and treat them, as the area of involvement was my entire face, we need to split the treatment as to not worsen my dry skin condition also. I listened and agreed to what she had suggested, as I was happy that the doctor was taking steps to be cautious and safe for my sake, so I booked the laser session right away.

 “Initially I was having some doubts before visiting the clinic but after seeing the doctor I was quite confident that with treatment, I was able to receive a brand new look!”

Getting introduced to Fotona Laser Treatment

Undergoing the laser treatment was something new for me, but I wasn’t worried as much about it as I was attended by an experienced doctor while using a good branded laser machine. Before the procedure, the doctor spent another amount of time to re-explain in detail how the laser would be performed, what to expect during after the treatments and how to take care of my skin during the recovery period.


Numb cream was applied on my skin for half an hour, so during the laser, I didn’t feel any pain, just some discomfort, and also a tiny amount of burnt smell when the doctor was treating the skin lesion. I did not really experience any bad downtime. The recovery process was faster than I thought, less than a week time the scab had fallen off. Some area appeared to be slightly pinkish, some area looked lighten up, few weeks later most of the lesions healed up quite well, only some had some residual pigmentation left requiring a second treatment.

The doctor advised me on how to cleanse my skin to maintain proper hygiene, how to apply sun block the correct way, and how important moisturizing the face is, as well as all the necessary steps to take proper care of my skin. I just followed the advice given by the doctor. The treatment didn’t cause any trouble nor did it affect my daily activities.


So far I had completed two sessions of FOTONA lasers, even my friends and family have noticed my great skin improvement. Overall, I am very satisfied with the treatment outcome for now, and I am glad my skin problems are getting solved steadily with each treatment.

“I would strongly recommend Beau & Hans Clinic to anyone I know, as their team of doctors and nurses are very professional and dedicated. They make my treatment a breeze with their reassurance. And the follow up after the treatment make me feel more confident also.”


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