Treating My Uneven Skin Tone at Beau&Hans Aesthetic Clinic Johor Bahru

“I have always wanted to have brighter and smoother skin so that I will no longer need to hide my imperfections from the bad critics, like how it was when I was in high school.”

Since I was 13, I started to get acne and was faced with after acne skin pigmentation as well as uneven skin tone. It has been 6 years since I was suffering from the criticism of people around me, who can’t stop complaining about my face problem. I wanted to improve my skin so badly so to feel more confident!

First, I tried using a chemical peeling skin care product on my face, and it did not went well. Seeing the condition becoming worst, I went on and did more research online, and that’s how I found out about Beau & Hans Clinic, through the many reviews that other people had posted after receiving treatment there. I found out from their posts that some people were having the similar face issue as I had, and was successfully treated in this clinic, I was impressed by the before and after pictures posted by them and I was curious to find out more.

Finally, I decided to go for a consultation visit at Beau & Hans Clinic to ask about my skin condition and the treatment option that they can offer to me. I was greeted by both doctors there, they are very friendly in answering my questions and very easy going during the consultation. I really loved the way how they make the patients feel happy, laughed and comfortable like they did for me!


lutronic laser

They recommended me to start with a small course of Lutronic Skin Brightening Laser to target my skin tone and treat my nasty acnes. When I knew that I can afford the price for a small package, I immediately just booked my treatment appointment on my next free day to begin my treatment.

Before the procedure began, the doctor again explained to me in details about what to expect during the Laser and what how to take care of my skin after the treatment. I was very well informed and the procedure went smoothly, the laser lasted only for 10-15mins and it wasn’t painful at all! The after procedure skin care required only a laser moisturizer and a good sunblock! Easy Peasy. Each time after the laser, I noticed my skin tone would brighten up, and the acne marks became lighter and lighter. Now thinking back, I felt so blessed when I first manage to read about this clinic online, and also having such nice doctors to help treat me.

before after front


For a person like me who used to have low self-esteem after being criticized for my bad skin complexion, I can’t even described how happy and satisfied I am right now after having completed 4 session of Lutronic skin brightening laser treatment. The unbelievable result is that now I can always wake up to smooth and flawless skin.


“I can’t deny that my skin recovery was going very well. It has already been 7 months since I had completed my Lutronic Skin Laser treatment at Beau & Hans Clinic, and I hardly notice any acne breakout, my skin is still remains quite fair compared to before! I become more confident right now even without applying my makeup.”

I’m thankful to the effective Lutronic skin brightening laser treatment and I am currently more compliance to the sunscreen routine, I’m also taking extra care of my skin for maintenance purposes. My percentage of satisfaction? Well I give a high score of 98% guys! I highly recommend to anyone out there who has concerns about your skin problems and wish to be handled well by professionals who can delivery good results.


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