Dark Eye Circle Treatment with Filler

” I am tired of people commenting about my Panda Eyes! It’s time get rid of these Dark Eye Circle at Aesthetic Clinic in Johor Bahru.”

I have dark eye circle problem for a long time, despite having adequate sleep, my friends always say that I looked very tired. When I go to work to meet my clients, they also think that I don’t sleep adequately. Because I’m sick of people commenting about my panda eyes, I decided to come to this aesthetic clinic for treatment. The Doctor here is very patient and kind, she took time to listen to my concern and suggested for filler treatment for my dark eye circles.

numb cream
Numb cream time

I was quite worried to have to receive the injections but everyone there was very reassuring and attentive. In the end, it was hardly painful at all and I noticed the improvement almost immediately.



I am very satisfied to see so much improvement for my dark eye circles after the filler injection. Thanks for the wonderful job guys.

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