Sunspot Skin Pigmentation Treatment by Lutronic Laser in Johor Bahru

It’s almost 10years since I’ve suffered from this skin pigmentation on my face.

My awareness of sun protection came very late as I was busy taking care of my children when I was younger. As the years passed, my face started to develop small pigments. First, I tried to ignore them but before I came to realize, it had grown bigger and more obvious. That’s why I decided to take active measure to get rid of them. I started to use sunblock but I realized it was too late to correct these pigments. Therefore I started to seek help from beauty salons and have tried many ways to remove them like facials, chemicals, lasers etc. I was quite desperate that I even listened and allowed a beautician to inject “whitening products” into these nasty pigments. Turns out, everything I did to try to remove it didn’t work out at all.

Eventually the condition of my skin pigmentation went from bad to worse as it slowly turned even darker, that was the point that I decided to stop doing anything anymore to avoid getting worst. I had to endure for the longest time, the complications which made my pigments darker after each failed treatment, until my daughter found out about Beau & Hans Center and suggested that I should seek help from a proper doctor with professional skin expertise instead.

Beau & Hans Signboard

My first impression when I arrived at the clinic was that it was very clean. During my consultation with the doctors, I’ve found them to be very approachable and very friendly. Even though I was excited to learn that there are treatment options available, but due to my previous failed attempts, my biggest concern was whether or not my pigments could get worst after also. As I raised my concerns, my doctor patiently examined my skin and explained the reasons on how my pigmentation got worsened before, I have now a better understanding of my skin and the type of the pigmentation I suffer from. They gave me a very detailed explanation about my treatment options and the possible downtime, they also emphasize to me my after treatment care to ensure I know how to take care of myself later. I was also prescribed some medicated creams to prevent any rebound of my lesions. All these really made me feel more at eased and less worried about the procedures that I was about to try.

Understanding more about your skin condition will have a great help while choosing the right treatment

The treatment suggested by my doctor is called Lutronic Spectra Laser with Ruvy setting. Honestly, I am very scared of pain, as my previous experience with laser treatment is quite painful. But as it turned out, this laser treatment was quite painless, I only felt just a slight discomfort when they were specifically treating my sun spot area, just as the doctor described, like an ant bite. I’m glad the process was very easy going and nerve wrecking free! Right after my treatment, the only evidence of having a laser done was that the area around my sun spot appeared to be slightly reddish, the rest of my face looks just alright!

Lutronic Ruvy Laser

Click on the photo to see the treatment video

Success of  a treatment doesn’t solely rely on the doctor, but also on the co-operation of the patient.

Over the next few days, a scab formed over the large sunspot area. The scab took awhile to fall off, approximately 6 days. The doctor had already told me that my scabs should dropped off within 5-7 days (the recommended time frame), I was a bit worried at first but then I realized every person skin is different thus it takes different times to heal as well. During my downtime and recovery period, all my daily activities weren’t affected at all! I also did my homework by applying the products and medical creams that the doctor had prescribed.

susan ruvy daily progress

“My overall satisfaction rate is as high as 90%!”

It was really comforting to see that I was making good improvements as the days passed. By the end of my treatment, my pigments improved drastically and the best part is that there is no rebound!

My advice for those who would like to get their pigments treated – Always go seek help from a skin doctor and listen to their advice so that your skin can be well taken care of.

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